Piers had too many responsibilities for a sixth-grader, even before his dog asked him to help save the world.

Any other kid would have been thrilled to have a talking greyhound as a pet or to be recruited by a dead girl to stop an abomination from devouring the souls of his city.  But thirteen-year-old Piers Davies of Summerday had bullies to avoid, a mother to take care of and a thousand other reasons to stay out of trouble.  Nevertheless, the teenager soon found himself neck-deep in fairies, ghosts and bickering animals, most of whom considered him the sole ambassador of a species previously unknown for their intelligence - the humans.

The Ghost and the Greyhound is a harrowing adventure about tragedy, friendship, and coming-of-age in a diverse world.


Anti-social teenager Piers Davies had made his first friends in years. Unfortunately, those friends included a ghost, a sentient cellphone and a talking squirrel - beings from alternate versions of Earth where the animals, plants and machines were intelligent - so introducing them to his mother was out of the question. Everyone at middle school already thought he was a weirdo, so he kept them a secret.

But when the fairy Dandelion lost the amulet that bridged realities, stranding his otherworldly friends on the human plane of existence, keeping secrets grew a lot harder.

Exiled fairies began showing up on Piers’ doorstep, triggering a desperate race to hide their presence from the media and his fellow middle schoolers. With the fate of an entire species in his hands, Piers must mold this rag-tag group of mythical creatures into a force capable of battling the mysterious entity that had stolen the artifact and usurped the fairy kingdom. An impossible task… even if Piers had the slightest clue how to cross realities to get there.


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